April 02, 2019

Where my passion started?

A lot of people ask me where I first found my passion for history.

I didn’t have it when I was young, so it developed later in life. It began, as many passions do, from travel. 5 years ago I went on a 3 month Europe trip with a few friends. I can’t say I was the avid museum enthusiast I am today, but my goal was to see as much as I could while I traveled, with a large focus on castles.

It soon became apparent to me that that the places I visited had much more to offer than their current life of tour and display. Often while exploring I would read or hear short anecdotes about an attraction’s history. (A vivid example being the Defenestration of Prague. - Defenestration is a fascinating word, and is the action of throwing someone out a window.) Obviously I needed to know more, so being a modern Youtube scholar I looked for a video to explain.

And thus it was, I discovered on my travels, Crash Course World History! Narrated and co-written by John Green (now a big shot author), this series of history videos has forever changed and elevated my appreciation for history. Beginning at the Agricultural Revolution, and spanning the entire world (in 2 large series), these 10 minute videos put the story of humanity into a timeline anyone can understand. From there, any viewer can then pick the topics they are most interested in and find more in depth resources for continued investigation.

If you have the time, at home or during your lunch break, I recommend watching these amazing videos!