Egyptian Wedjet Eye - Necklace

Description:Egyptian Wedjet Eye, Eye of Horus. Late Period, 700-332 BCE. A small faience eye with incised decoration; made into a beautiful necklace by a local Toronto silversmith. Ancient Egyptian mythology states that Horus lost his eye in a battle with his uncle Seth, after Seth murders Horus’ father. The goddess Hathor magically restores Horus’ eye and, ultimately, he triumphs over Seth as King of Egypt. The Eye of Horus therefore symbolizes protection and restoration. The Late Period, 700- 332 BCE, signifies a final expression of native Egyptian culture before the intrusion of foreign influences such as Persia, and later, Greece.

Provenance: ex. John J. Slocum Collection, served as US cultural attache to Egypt in the 1960s.

Condition: Wear commensurate with age

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